Snow Encounter

Neighborhood: Erin Mills

By siyahqalam


Today is 8th Feb 2013 and I am writing my story…… is the day!! The day in which snow storm has broken the record of a decade. It’s been ten months since I have moved to Canada from Karachi Pakistan. I have moved here with my husband. Apart from the usual settlement tasks in a new country, we have been enjoying our lives here. We are living in a nice cozy basement apartment as of almost all the newly arrived immigrants. Being a person who have lived in a city in a temperate climate almost all of my life, winter is tough to me here. I have geared myself with all the winter clothing almost like an Eskimo…… :) and going out taking pictures of my neighborhood just to show what I feel. It’s snowing and extreme winds are piercing my bones, everything is covered in white coat of snow, I wanted to capture this moment now even if it’s extremely cold. I know that this is the moment I will always cherish in my life. My first encounters with Snow which makes me feel that God has made this world beautiful for us and we are here to enjoy it!!

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